Happy Fierce Year

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Grateful for 2016

For 366 days in 2016, thanks to a leap year, I woke up, hugged my family, stopped by Starbucks for my coffee and said hello to friends and colleagues, drove my car to the office, worked hard to effect change in the world with our employees, creative partners, and clients through Fierce and Velvet, came home, enjoyed a late dinner with my family, worked some more, and then fell asleep in a comfortable and warm bed. I am so blessed for all the simple miracles that exist in that routine every day. A roof over my head, a car that I feel safe in, my health and wellbeing, my family, my family’s health, an office that is fun and safe, fierce people who are kind and hard working, creative partners who are committed to our goals for our clients, clients who chose Fierce to work with their brand when they could have chosen anyone else, and people who love and support me and Fierce every single day. A hundred big and little miracles—and I am so grateful. 2016 had its challenges for our country and our world and it wasn’t a perfect year—but every day of 2016 was a gift and a chance to help make the world a better place from our offices on St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Ready for 2017

The Fierce people will strive to do the same in 2017. As we start this new year today in the office with the sun shining outside and our coffee in our Yeti cups, and Chance the office dog snuggled up in his bed softly snoring beside us, we commit to taking care of each other and our clients and growing Fierce, spreading kindness which is our core value, continuing to grow Velvet into a global network of kindness for those in need, and living out our mission of doing work with excellence that effects change in our world.

Here’s to you 2016. You taught us a lot and we are truly thankful. And here’s to you, 2017, for all that lies ahead. May we make the most of every single day.

Brand fiercely with us

If you would like to work with the Fierce people in 2017 and radically move your brand forward, reach out to us today. beckie.manley@hellofierce.com.