Fierce Excerpts: Real life drama is the ultimate creative inspiration.

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Now watching | This Super Bowl TV spot based on an actual call to 911: And this one set to run on

There are certain things that I despise, particularly in the workplace but also in life. Sexual harassment. Bullying and intimidation. And violence. I was so enamored by these two vastly different approaches to the topic of domestic violence tonight as I was reviewing some of the new Super Bowl ads for 2015.

The one spot being sponsored by the NFL (ironically enough) is based on an actual 911 call. The concept is excellent and I found the line “When it’s hard to talk, it’s up to us to listen” interesting. The spot had me mesmerized and I had to watch it again. The simplest execution is always the best creative direction.

The second spot hit some initial controversy and was going to be banned at first (in particular for the hashtag #GoodellMustGo) but after pressure they agreed to run it.

“We are thrilled that public scrutiny has persuaded Sports Illustrated to reverse their decision,” says Ultraviolet founder Nita Chaudhary. “We cannot allow the issue of domestic violence to be swept under the rug.”

Ultimately, the SI drama generates extra exposure for Ultraviolet’s edgy play and further deflates the NFL on the eve of the Big Game.