Reptiles be damned. Great advice from Albert Einstein. I’ll take it.

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“Anyone who does not number among these reptiles,” Einstein said of Marie Curie’s critics, “is certainly happy, now as before, that we have such personages among us as you—real people with whom one feels privileged to be in contact. If the rabble continues to occupy itself with you, then simply don’t read that hogwash, but rather leave it to the reptiles for whom it has been fabricated.” Great excerpt from Einstein’s letter to Marie Curie. And great advice. Link here:

An Evening with Chef Andrew Bouley.

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Last week, I had the most delightful experience. Chef Andrew Bouley and his lovely girlfriend Stephani came into our home and prepared a special and delicious meal for us. Andrew had reached out just a few weeks prior to let us know that his company, Urban Earth Consulting, was new to St. Simons Island. He wanted to collaborate his food and beverage consulting services with our marketing, advertising, and media services. Andrew is a Harvard Grad and a trained personal chef with experience at the Greenbrier and Sea Island, and after exchanging a few emails, he asked if he might offer us a private chef dinner experience. … Read More

Chad Frye, the Illustration Guy.

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While visiting the legendary Jack Davis on St. Simons Island this week, my friend Chad Frye stopped by to show us some of his most recent work. Chad’s full and varied career has included work with Disney, as well as with many other animation studios. Here is one of our favorites from his most recent portfolio. Enjoy!

Dr. Seuss never gets old.

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In doing some client research today, I came across this gem from Dr. Seuss. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Here’s to changing our world a little bit each day.

It. Can. Wait.

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Loving this website from one of my dear friends. Merritt was her daughter and she was killed on a cross-country bike trip by a distracted driver who was texting. Remember the theme of Merritt’s new campaign when you drive today: It. Can. Wait.