An Evening with Chef Andrew Bouley.

Beckie ManleyFrom the CEO, People + things that inspire us

Last week, I had the most delightful experience. Chef Andrew Bouley and his lovely girlfriend Stephani came into our home and prepared a special and delicious meal for us. Andrew had reached out just a few weeks prior to let us know that his company, Urban Earth Consulting, was new to St. Simons Island. He wanted to collaborate his food and beverage consulting services with our marketing, advertising, and media services. Andrew is a Harvard Grad and a trained personal chef with experience at the Greenbrier and Sea Island, and after exchanging a few emails, he asked if he might offer us a private chef dinner experience. … Read More

You can’t steal my heart.

Beckie ManleyEntrepreneurship, From the CEO

I watched Maleficent this weekend and was struck by the simple, universal truths that sometimes cut through a Disney script. When someone cuts away and steals your wings, thinking that this act will somehow steal away the magic or the love or the kindness inside of you, then they never truly knew or understood your heart. Wings—like Maleficent’s—always find their way home. {  My heart. Tim and Jack Rude. }

An open letter to the women of JDA and to women everywhere.

Beckie ManleyFrom the CEO

I love the new campaign that Special K is promoting right now. Special K has consistently done great marketing that is often overlooked. I have always loved their line “what will you gain when you lose”. So strong and so positive. They have been taking good care of women for a while—yet with an expectation that women also be healthy and take care of themselves as well with their products. They have a new campaign right now that is out to “end fat talk.” Below is the link. I am so glad to see it getting some good traction—it is well deserved. As JDA women, you have … Read More

The answer is no. But yes.

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Flashback Friday. Previously a guest blog post on the Black Sheep Agency blog. One of the questions new clients always love to ask in that first meeting is: “Do you have any prior experience in our particular field?” In the early days of my career, this question would easily intimidate me, especially if my answer was no. These days it no longer frightens me, because after 20 years of experience, I know the secret to success with great brands, products, services and ideas is the creative process. One of my favorite things about the creative process is that it’s constantly evolving. It’s a living, breathing magical force … Read More

Swiss Miss: 2013

Beckie ManleyBranding, From the CEO, FS+C

I’m excited to be packing my bags for Switzerland this weekend! I have a classroom full of students from over 7 different countries at the University of Nations ready to learn about branding and I’m eager to learn all that I can from them. I have been fortunate enough to teach previous classes in Hawaii and one via Skype in Nigeria—both of which were amazing experiences. We are preparing notebooks full of branding materials, case studies, and tools for the students as they venture out into the exciting world of marketing. I know I will bring home lots of new international friends, an introduction to the beautiful … Read More