Fierce Excerpts: Creativity depends on a conceptual shift in thinking.

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Now reading | Fostering creativity. A model for developing a culture of collective creativity in science. This article on fostering creativity is truly fascinating. It was hard for me to know which paragraphs and quotes to highlight as the entire article had my rapt attention. Growing up in an academic home with a father who is a Ph.D. in Chemistry, I have always loved the connection of science to creativity. Working with scientists in the creative process is always an interesting experience because they approach ideas and concepts in completely new and innovative ways. It’s refreshing. Scientists are always seeking out new relationships and connections. They, … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Kindness is a muscle.

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I love reading any research I can find on the concept and power of kindness. If you’ve ever had a personal conversation with me, you know that I truly believe that it can be a corporate difference maker. It is one of the core values for Fierce Strategy + Creative and it’s one of my personal core values. I’m fascinated with its importance on so many levels to so many different types of relationships—in the workplace, in the home, with our children, with strangers we interact with throughout the day and in our friendly social circles as well. The science of kindness is pretty amazing, too. It … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Social media oops that make my stomach hurt for brands.

brandfiercely1Fierce Excerpts This month yet another PR gaffe is making national headlines: the Topps Company (maker of the “Ring Pops” jewel-shaped candy on a plastic ring) may be investigated by the FTC for their most recent social media campaign – #RockThatRock – a promotion that invited teenagers to upload photos of themselves wearing Ring Pops to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The complaint alleges the campaign violates the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by collecting and disclosing personal data from children under 13 without their parents’ permission. These stories are the best reminders to never venture into a social media campaign without doing your homework first. Do you understand applicable rules and regulations, including … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: The importance of strategy plus creative.

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Agency of the Year: BBDO’s Tenacity Turned a Major Client Loss into a Minor Setback | Adweek “With BBDO, yes, you can expect great creative, but we were also really impressed by the depth of understanding of their clients’ business,” explains Wells Fargo CMO Jamie Moldafsky. “In selecting them, we were looking for a thought partner. And we want to be challenged strategically.” That ability to combine attention-grabbing creative with solid business strategy reflects BBDO’s determination to straddle its network strengths while respecting its entrepreneurial roots around the world. “We’ve wanted to become a sort of global boutique where you’re nimble and fast, trying things and doing … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Communicating the new business model for 2015 beautifully through excellent creative.

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Now Reading | Agency of the Year: How R/GA Dominated Digital by Finding its TV Groove | Adweek Especially when compared to more workaday ads the agency made for Ameriprise in 2010, the Beats campaigns signal R/GA’s maturation into a shop that can deliver not only great digital products but also truly top-tier TV spots, vaulting ahead of its digital rivals. “We’ve created not just great TV and video work, but also we’ve done it, finally, on our terms,” says Law. “We have an approach to that sort of advertising, which would distinguish us from the Wiedens and Drogas, all the best companies that we’ve … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: The importance of brand valuation when it comes to brand architecture.

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Now Reading | The Brand in the Boardroom | OM Brand architecture and naming are two critical areas of expertise for Fierce Strategy + Creative. I spent the weekend doing some reading on how other agencies approach this important subject and loved this particular excerpt from “The Brand in the Boardroom.” It resonated most with my personal philosophy on the significance of this process. Tying its success to brand valuation first is brilliant: Decisions about brand architecture and brand naming can have major business consequences. This is certainly true at the level of individual brands. Eliminating a strong brand can drive away customers and lead to declining … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: HBR is always on my reading list.

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Reading a great article this morning in HBR about understanding your influence mix: Customers’ purchase decisions are typically affected by a combination of three things: Their prior preferences, beliefs, and experiences (which we refer to as P), information from marketers (M), and input from other people and from information services (O). This is the influence mix. Think of it as a zero-sum game: The greater the reliance on one source, the lower the need for the others. If the impact of O on a purchase decision about a food processor goes up, the influence of M or P, or both, goes down. Read the rest here: