Fierce Excerpts: Mindfullness at work—does it really make a difference?

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*image from Now Reading | Corporate mindfullness is bullsh*t: Zen or no Zen, you’re working harder and being paid less. (—from Salon) This article is long and intense but I appreciated the perspective as an employer and business owner. Authors Ronald Purser and Edwin Ng say that mindfullness matters, “but make no mistake: corporations are co-opting the idea to disguise the ways they kill us.” I have my own opinions, but I was curious on their take. I have pulled out some key excerpts to their argument below. To begin, mindfullness is defined this way:  Noun: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, … Read More

Taking stock of the value of company culture.

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Forbes asks: Do The Best Places To Work Perform Better In The Market? Great question. It seems like a logical conclusion based on all we know about happy and fulfilled employees but I was curious to see the data. Forbes asks: Does company culture pay off? Are the best places to work also market successes? Do places that have poor culture and unhappy workers, likewise, do worse off? This is difficult to prove but possible to correlate. Glassdoor takes a look at their five years of history of companies rated best places to work and their performance in the market. They examined the stock performance for these companies … Read More