Fierce or nothing.

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Blog post photo: image of a TV set design for our client, SandRidge Energy Fierce or nothing. Fierce is not just the name of our company—it’s a lifestyle and an attitude that our clients choose to live out with us. As we see this happen with each of our clients throughout the course of our working relationships with them, this is truly one of our favorite things. Fierce exists to do great work with excellence that effects change in our world. And we do this by serving our clients and the partners we work with each day with an excellent strategic product. But it’s the moments when … Read More

The Fierce people travel to Restenäs, Sweden

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Photo by Marieke de Klerk #FierceOnTheRoad  Last week Fierce traveled half way around the globe to Restenäs, Sweden to teach a branding seminar to attendees who travelled in from all over the world. In our sessions, over twelve languages and dialects were represented: English, Swedish, Dutch, French, Nepali, German, Norwegian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Finnish, and Spanish just to name a few! The conversation around the importance of translation alone with word usage in branding was awesome. We were so privileged to teach these incredible world citizens a little bit about the power, strategy and magic of branding. Defining what a brand is and how to communicate its power Our classroom for the … Read More

Happy Fierce Year

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Grateful for 2016 For 366 days in 2016, thanks to a leap year, I woke up, hugged my family, stopped by Starbucks for my coffee and said hello to friends and colleagues, drove my car to the office, worked hard to effect change in the world with our employees, creative partners, and clients through Fierce and Velvet, came home, enjoyed a late dinner with my family, worked some more, and then fell asleep in a comfortable and warm bed. I am so blessed for all the simple miracles that exist in that routine every day. A roof over my head, a car that I feel safe in, … Read More

HBR: Common traits that lead to global business success.

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*Image from Successful global companies share common traits. Successful global companies don’t just happen. They are born from intentional and purposeful strategy, clarity of mission, disciplined focus and a whole lot of courage—starting right from day one. I was watching a little Harvard Business Review video recently that called out seven characteristics successful global companies have in common. HBR found from their research that it’s usually the internal capabilities of a company that make or break international endeavors, not just the external conditions of new markets. I did a little research on each of the seven traits and their most basic definitions so I could personally measure our own Fierce brand against them. Seven characteristics successful companies demonstrate.  … Read More

Lydia Dishman introduces us to “Just Not Sorry”, a Chrome extension that warns you when your emails contain wish-washy language.

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*Image from Huffington Post. Now Reading | New Gmail Plug-in Highlights Words and Phrases that Undermine Your Message by Lydia Dishman. If you have ever visited our Fierce blog before, you know how passionate we are about women in particular using language that undermines their industry expertise. Expressions like “I’m sorry” and “does that make sense?” etc. are prevalent. Even the most extraordinary women are victims and perpetrators of it in spite of our collective best intentions to communicate clearly, confidently, and assertively. When I came across this article today I was delighted to learn that it was written by a writer I had worked with 15 years ago to write for my clients at … Read More

Honey and the Good Thyme Bear featured in “In the Mix” Magazine.

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It’s been fun to see our new Fierce cocktail featured in “In the Mix” magazine today! Thanks to Don Billings with IMI for featuring our delightful little drink. Be sure to add it to your holiday cocktail menu this year. Cheers! Fierce Strategy + Creative. The curious agency that inspired a cocktail.  A fun new idea to add to your company’s marketing mix. This has been an exciting year for Georgia-based ad agency Fierce Strategy + Creative. When founder and CEO Beckie Manley shared the beautiful, new agency branding with our friends at Halyards Restaurant on St. Simons Island, spirit specialist and mixologist Allison Nunis was instantly … Read More

The Fierce people: Clay Caldwell

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Fierce Strategy + Creative is a collective of creative souls from the US, Canada and all around the world. We are privileged every day to work with creative people fiercely committed to bringing new and fresh perspectives to our client’s brand objectives. Our US headquarters are currently in Georgia and we are building our core US team from St. Simons Island. We are thrilled to share that Clay Caldwell is the newest full time person joining us as one of the Fierce people. He will work as a Creative Chief for our burgeoning tribe. Clay’s mission as a graphic designer is the relentless pursuit of knowledge, insight, and experience needed to make the world … Read More

How to live out kindness is the workplace.

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At Fierce, we believe that kindness is a corporate difference maker. In fact, we believe this so strongly that all of our core values as a company revolve around this key concept. So if kindness is a corporate difference maker, what does it look like in the day-to-day? Entrepreneur Magazine is a source for many, many articles that tie kindness to business and leadership success. In one of their recent articles, they discussed kindness and how to practice it. Here is an excerpt of what they shared. Kindness is:  Gratitude and reverence. Be reverent and grateful for all of life. This manifests as unconditional love and respect for oneself and all other beings. … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: The Structure of Belonging.

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Now Reading | Community: The Structure of Belonging. One of our Fierce friends, Jack Burgess, posted this yesterday from the book titled Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block. I loved the sentiment about leadership and wanted to share it here: The shift is to believe that the task of leadership is to provide context and produce engagement, to tend to our social fabric. It is to see the leader as one whose function is to engage groups of people in a way that creates accountability and commitment. In this way of thinking we hold leadership to three tasks: Create a context that nurtures an alternate future, one … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Rewarding people for making other people better is awesome.

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*Image from Chipotle foods Now Reading | How Chipotle transformed itself by upending its approach to management. (Quartz)  As a big proponent of strong company culture, I loved this line early on in the article:  In 2005, The US company underwent a transformation that would make its culture as distinct as its food. As more than 1,000 stores opened across the US, the company focused on creating a system where promoting managers from within would create a feedback loop of better, more motivated employees. That year, about 20% of the company’s managers had been promoted from within. Last year, nearly 86% of salaried managers and 96% of hourly … Read More