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Brand immersion time with a new client is one of the most exciting times in the branding process. At Fierce, we have trusted tools that we use in these moments of discovery that are tried and true and that we continue to perfect. They help us ask the right questions that lead to excellent dialogue and wonderful insight every time we sit with a new client. One of my favorite questions that always starts an engaged conversation with the executive team is “What is your only-ness as a brand?” Often times when we are done with our brand immersion time and we spend time summarizing what we … Read More

One lick of the lollipop of mediocrity and you’ll suck forever.

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I was reading Austin Kleon’s newsletter today and loved this little bit from one of his posts: The imagination will not perform until it has been flooded by a vast torrent of reading. And this little bit from the musings of a 93 year old man, Roger Angell, also in his post: I’ve also become a blogger, and enjoy the ease and freedom of the form: it’s a bit like making a paper airplane and then watching it take wing below your window. I get it, Roger. Rock on. { I put this quote on the entry wall on purpose in my 16 Boardwalk agency office building … Read More

Necessary magic.

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As I sit here at my desk late tonight in a dark and quiet house researching the (awesome) Harley Davidson brand for a project, I am staring at a little bottle of pixie dust. It is half hidden in the harsh shadows of my monitor and Organic Chocolate Stout beer bottle that is now sadly empty. It isn’t really pixie dust…it’s an hourglass shaped bottle filled with glitter left over from a project from long ago, adorned with two gold chocolate covered cherry wrappers formed into two interlocking gold rings. This little bottle of pixie dust is one of my favorite possessions and it’s one of the … Read More

Yes is a world.

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One of the things that excites me the most every single day is working with creative people. I love how connected our world has become and how utterly possible this is. In trying to set up a Skype video session this week with a client and a designer in Canada and a designer in Japan, I realized how awesome that is. Each creative person brings something new and fresh from their perch in the world–and it makes all of us collectively better. I feel that same connection when I am teaching abroad. I love having a classroom full of students from ten different countries who all see … Read More

“Brand is nothing short of the engine of history.”


I loved discovering this definition of brand today to add to my collection: Brand is often erroneously described as a marketing invention, but brand is more than that. Brand is nothing short of the engine of history—the how and why of people attaching to certain ideas, people, or things. In the context of marketing, attachment can best be defined as a metaphoric merging of a person’s underlying narrative of “self” with that person’s story of “you” (the product or brand). This came from Dr. Bob Deutsch with Brain Sells. { Awesome agency name, Dr. }

What’s in a name? Everything.

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I was first introduced to the word fierce from a line in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” As a lover of the play itself and of Shakespeare, it resonated with me right away and I claimed it as my own. Over the years, it has become a part of my everyday language and as such, a part of our client’s language and expectations. Just recently I received a wonderful note from a creative partner that said “I hope this week is starting off fast, fierce and furious for you.” I have studied its origins and meanings and usage in … Read More

On professional copy-writing and why it matters to your brand.


“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” These are the words from the master himself, David Ogilvy back in 1963 in ‘Confessions Of An Advertising Man.’ Ogilvy says the best headline he ever wrote was: “At Sixty Miles an Hour the Loudest Noise in the New Rolls-Royce comes from the Electric Clock.” On this headline, Ogilvy used his own advice on copy-writing and included nothing but facts—no adjectives and no “gracious living.” “It is a mistake to use highfalutin language when you advertise … Read More

Fierce Excerpts. The creative forecast for 2015? Authenticity.


Now reading | How marketing will change in 2015: The creative forecast In 2015, I am looking to the future in every way, especially as it relates to marketing and branding. I agree that marketing has seen significant shifts in 2014 and that it will continue to evolve in major ways in 2015. It is the nature of our business to be ever changing–it is part of what it makes it such an exciting and daunting business to be in. I would agree with Ben as it relates to finding great people (a universal issue that never changes) and Patroulis when he says “more soul, more … Read More