About PowerToFly and how empathy is a great teacher.

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I am smiling to myself as I read a recent story about Katharine Zaleski, President of PowerToFly, on her journey toward empathy for the working mother. As a working mother myself, who is starting her third company, I get it. I get both sides of the story. No one understands anything about kids until suddenly they have one of their own. But I love that she made such a public apology simply for the attention it has garnered for the topic. And I love that she has been so beautifully proactive on helping to fix the mindset and the problem. I have been a working mother as … Read More

Brand Ambassadors.


Brand Ambassadors. Thought Leaders. Storytellers. These are three phrases you will see often describing how Fierce serves our clients. We become your brand integrity ambassadors, trusted advisers around your board room table, and storytellers as we begin to communicate creatively on behalf of your brand. And we teach you how you can empower your own people within your organization to take on these same roles internally, allowing them to become a powerful and positive force on behalf of your brand. We also show you how your customers can become loyal brand ambassadors as well. What is a brand ambassador? I love the definition that Brains on Fire … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Simple Keys to a Strong Brand


Now Reading | The Often Forgotten Elements of a Strong Brand https://website-designs.com/business/the-often-forgotten-elements-of-a-strong-brand/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=evergreen_post_tweeter&utm_campaign=website I came across this little article today as I was scanning through my twitter feed. These things are some of the basic fundamentals when it comes to branding but they are always good reminders: Audience Knowledge A strong brand knows exactly who its audience is, what they need, desire, pain points, fear and wants. The successful business brand will keep delivering quality solutions to their target audience, time and time again, over time and will not be stuck in the past. Product Differentiation A strong business brand can instantly be recognized as being unique from … Read More

A colossal blunder.


Dunkin’ Donuts swaps Liverpool crest’s eternal flames with milkshakes. This is why we must always respect and understand the brands we touch. Dunkin’ Donuts, one of Liverpool’s official sponsors, has apologised after upsetting fans by tweeting an altered version of the club’s crest that replaced the Hillsborough eternal flames with what appeared to be milkshakes. The company also substituted the Shankly Gates on the top of the crest with a picture of doughnuts and a coffee and instead of the legend: “You’ll never walk alone” they instituted the slogan: “America runs on Dunkin’”. Their tweet, since taken down, read: “Love the LFC crest? Tweet us what you’d … Read More

PeopleFronts. Because your consumer is more than just a demo.

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Today I am exploring Simulmedia, an exciting company that I was recently introduced to owned by serial entrepreneur, Dave Morgan. In their 2014 PeopleFront, they talked about the future of data and how it’s used when buying television time. They introduced the PeopleFront audience to not just the demo, but to the person behind that demo. And they discussed TV’s people-centric future and the tremendous value in reaching the right target with TV. Steve Hasker, Global President of Nielsen, who attended the event said, “Today we are seeing media companies who are very innovative and who are leaning in to using impact outcome based data. We’re seeing … Read More

The Magic of Branding


I always say that there has to be a little touch of magic alongside the strategy when it comes to branding. Every decision is preceded by an emotion. Own the emotion and you own the decision. I love this little video that shares what branding is simply and visually:

Functional Philosophies. Keep Them Short, Keep Them Sweet.


At FS+C we are currently in the middle of a functional philosophies exercise with several of our clients. So why do core values and a mission and vision statement really matter? Especially if your company is already successful? I came across this great little excerpt today from Harvard Business Review and I could not agree more: According to a recent study that appeared in the Harvard Business Review, up to 70 percent of employees do not understand their company’s strategy. Failure to understand your company’s position can lead to poor decision making at all levels of an organization. For that reason, the first step toward crafting a … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Are you creating a buzz or a brand?

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Now Reading | The Future of Advertising Still Rests on the Art of Connecting Brands and Consumers http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/future-advertising-still-rests-art-connecting-brands-and-consumers-162937 Storytelling still wins. Here is a wonderful little snippet from the article: Advertising has always been about connecting brands with people. It still is. But today we know a lot more about the people with whom we want to connect and almost every day we’re given new tools to help us make those connections. Plus, now, if we do it right, those folks we actually engage will connect with each other and with all their friends to help us build a whole community of brand fans and activists. We’ve … Read More

Fierce Excerpts: Priceless Campaigns and What They Teach Us

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Now Reading | 3 Key Leadership Lessons Behind MasterCard’s Brilliant Priceless Campaign. http://www.forbes.com/sites/gapinternational/2015/02/13/the-3-key-leadership-lessons-behind-mastercards-brilliant-priceless-brand/ The “Priceless” campaign for MasterCard is one of my all time favorites. It has carried the brand successfully now for over 17 years. Originally the idea was almost passed up for one that tested better with the potential target but “we knew we had it,” said Joyce King Thomas, an executive with MasterCard’s ad agency, McCann Erickson, in a 2006 interview with Fortune. Joyce trusted her instincts about the concept and she was so right on. When Rajamannar came on board he had to make a decision. He weighed the brand equity of the campaign … Read More

Grain Belt Beer. Delicious design.


I love discovering beautiful brands that were innovative and design-centric long before their time. Grain Belt Beer, now owned by the Shell Brewery, has a playful spirit evidenced from their early advertisements, incredible signage and their awesome beer can shape. It rivals some of the more sophisticated beer brands we see today. I would love to see a craft beer brand revive this style can. The parent company, Schell’s Brewery, started in 1860 when August Shell, a German immigrant, couldn’t find a good traditional beer that tasted like home so he decided to make one. Their website is well done and their beers like their Noble Star … Read More